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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Lots of changes are going on for youth! In June I finished the contract as the youth leader for the three United Churches in Kamloops. I have found that the time commitment is too much for me so after much thought and prayer I made the choice to reduce my commitments to youth. With me not continuing with the youth contract and some changes needed because of the way youth group has been developing there is a new structure emerging. We are going to split the youth group into 2 different groups—a Senior Youth Group for youth in grades 8-12 and a Junior Youth Group for youth in grades 5-7. At this point we are still looking for a person to fill the contract position who will be responsible for the Junior Youth Group. We hope to have someone fill this position soon and will keep you updated on how this is developing. I will continue to be involved in the Senior Youth Group. This youth group will have a bit different format and focus but the fun will still be there! Senior youth group will be lead by three united church ministers each taking turns at leading a confirmation class. The confirmation classes will run for 11 weeks—from October 5th to December 14th. Confirmation would take place around the Easter season. In January the youth group will look at mission in action with being active in the community and plan for a mission trip for some time during the year. It will be a year filled with great opportunities, lots of laughing, fun, faith and food! Watch for more info coming about Jr. Youth Group, events like Family Night and youth retreats like Naarai Kir so stay tuned!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


We are going to watch Avatar on Saturday night and I am rather excited! I happen to list this movie as one of my all time favorite movies and I love that I get to share it with the youth! I think one of the things I like most is the connections in this movie. The way the main character Jake connects again with his body, the way the Na'vi connect with one another and with the world they live in and particularly the way the planet is connected. I have often thought of the interconnectedness that we lack within our culture. I think we get so wrapped up in being connected through electronic ways that we forget to connect in human ways. Go hug a tree, a person, or the earth today and feel more connected... oh, and come watch the movie!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It's All about Love

A picture says a thousand words right? In December we started working on collecting images of what the youth thought God’s love looks like using Photovoice. Photovoice is used as a way to have those who are marginalized in community to share a story, their viewpoint, or a message about how they see the world, in a powerful way. Using image youth have an opportunity to share how they see God’s love in our world. This project will also offer a gift to the church community when we share the images for February 14th—a day we celebrate love in our society. When thinking about this question think about the world around you. Where do you see God? Where in nature to you see the gifts God has given us? Where in community do you see God's love. I took this image when at the 40th General Council meeting of the United Church of Canada. It was after a night of dancing and this group of friends were praying together before heading off to bed. this is what i see in the picture "God’s love is good friends who love you, a place to be yourself, a community who accepts you, a place you can show God’s love to others." We need more images ,so youth, get out the camera and find God’s love in our world. Send any photos to Michele by Feb 10th at walkersrwacky@shaw.ca please include what makes you think the image looks like God’s love.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year - New Stuff

Welcome to the new year! I like the new year because it follows Christmas and the promises that come with Jesus being born. It is an immensely hopeful time. At youth group we begin the year with a few projects on te go. Youth will be able to participate in a drama for worship service at Mt. paul United Church, we are taking photos of what youth think God's Love looks like so we can gift the three congregations with these images and we have a new activity A Night For Families - a night where families with children of all ages can come for a meal, some fun, and some relaxation with no cooking or dishes! A Night for Families will be happening on the second Friday of each month so this first night on January 15th is just the beginning! check out the youth newsletter - Random Acts of Youth for the latest scoop on youth group and all the events for January.

Monday, November 30, 2009


Here it is the first week of Advent. What is Advent you ask? It is the time of waiting, the time when we wait in the dark for light to come again. In less metaphorical terms it is the time of waiting to celebrate the birth of Jesus. I do like the image of dark - it is so very dark this time of year - and the coming light. This does bring the reflection on the dark parts of our world and our own lives. We live with these dark moments all year - struggling with bullying, struggling to fit in, struggling to be yourself while trying to be like everyone else, struggling to understand all kinds of things in our world. Advent is one of those times we can look at those moments and name them for what they are. But Advent also brings the light, the hope, the good news of abundant life. Knowing of the hope that is coming gives us the power to name the dark parts and in naming them to release the hold they have over us and in shines the light. Can you name the darkness and let in the light?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

This November I will be taking a group of youth ages 12 years (grade 7) and up to Evolve your Faith: A gathering of Junior Youth, Senior Youth, Young Adults, their Leaders and Ministers in BC Conference of The United Church of Canada. Come with us to Vancouver for a weekend of faith, community, and fun. Be the Church in a great big way for Evolve 09.
Evolve your self: Spend time in STREAMS for Junior Youth (grades 7-9), Senior Youth (grades 10-12), Young Adults (18-35) and Youth Leaders learning about yourself and exploring your faith. Sign up for workshops that inspire you, and take part in some inspiring and creative worship and music with rEvolve - they are amazing. Seek to explore your own evolution as a person of Faith.
Evolve your community: come celebrate this new gathering in the United Church of Canada that brings together our community in the spirit of connection, learning and Faith. November 13-15.09Shaughnessy Heights United Church1550 West 33rd AvenueVancouver, BC Registration begins at 3:30 pm on Friday
Sliding Scale: pay what you can between $125 and $150!Includes all costs for the weekend including your travel if you are from outside of the four lower mainland Presbyteries! It’s a sweet deal. If you register after Nov. 1 cost is $150. Registration deadline: Nov. 9.
click http://www.scribd.com/doc/19832740 to down load the the brochure and registration.


Greg was thankful for upsidedownieness tonight, after all the majority of the youth group happened with most youth hanging upside down! Our first night back was remembering what amazing friends we have at youth group and how cool it was to see everyone after what seemed like years not months. But back to the upsidedowniness. All of that upsidedownieness has made me think about how being different can feel like being upside down in a world that is right side up. Sometimes being different can be about the little things like helping out your teacher at school or saying you aren't going to throw your garbage on the ground because you want to be kind to the earth. When you do something really different like believe in God, stand up for the uncool kid, or tell an adult when others or doing something totally risky like drinking then you can feel really upside down. The trick is to feel ok about a decision even if you feel upside down. Really who is to say upside down is the wrong way up? Me, I'm going with Greg - I'm thankful to God for my upsidedownieness - it feels pretty good and I know God loves me for it!